Aquaculture Asia Magazine, April-June 2004


  • Asia-Pacific Marine Finfish Aquaculture Magazine.
    Simon Wilkinson

Sustainable Aquaculture

  • Genetic impacts of translocations on biodiversity of aquatic species with particular reference to Asian countries.
    Thuy T.T. Nguyen and Uthairat Na-Nakorn
  • Carp culture in Iran.
    Hassan Salehi
  • Opportunities and challenges in Myanmar aquaculture.
    U Hla Win

Research and Farming Techniques

  • Impacts of mono-sex Macrobrachium culture on the future of seed availability in India.
    Paramaraj Balamurugan, Pitchaimuthu Mariappan and Chellam Balasundaram
  • Use of new technology and skill enhancement to obtain eco-friendly production of tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon).
    Asbjorn Drengstig, Asbjorn Bergheim and Bjorn Braaten
  • Larval rearing and spat production of the windowpane shell Placuna placenta.
    S. Dharmaraj, K. Shanmugasundaram and C.P. Suja

Aquatic Animal Health

  • Trans-boundary aquatic animal diseases: Focus on Koi herpes virus (KHV).
    Melba G. Bondad-Reantaso


  • HACCP in shrimp farming.
    Siri Tookwinas and Suwimon Keerativiriyaporn

Asia-Pacific Marine Finfish Aquaculture Magazine

  • First breeding success of Napoleon wrasse and coral trout.
    Sih Yang Sim
  • Regional developments and update.
    Sih Yang Sim
  • Gemma Micro - leaving Artemia behind.
    Trine Karlsrud
  • Report of the Komodo fish culture project.
    Trevor Meyer and Peter J. Mous
  • Conclusion of research on capture and culture of pre-settlement fish for the marine aquarium trade in Solomon Islands.
    Cathy Hair, Warwick Nash and Peter Doherty
  • Seed Production of sand bass.
    Le Dinh Buu
  • Aquaculture calendar.
  • What's New on the Web.


Publisher: Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia-Pacific

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