Aquaculture Asia Magazine, July-September 2007


  • Research needs to sustain the aquaculture sector.
    Simon Wilkinson

Sustainable aquaculture

  • Buffaloes in favour of culture-based fisheries in Sri Lanka.
    Asanka Jayasinghe and Upali Amarasinghe
  • Aquafeeds in Myanmar: A Change from farm-made to factory-made feeds.
    Wing-Keong Ng, Myint Soe and Hla Phone

Genetics and biodiversity

  • Challenging myths about fish seed quality and potential benefits to the rural poor: Lessons learnt in Asia.
    David C. Little, Benoy K Barman and Corinne Critchlow-Watton

People in aquaculture

  • Magur (Clarias batrachus) seed production using low cost hatcheries: A participatory approach in Dakshin Dinajpur District of West Bengal, India.
    Biswajit Goswami
  • Peter Edwards writes on rural aquaculture: World Vision promotes aquaculture for the poor in Northeast Thailand.
  • Cage fish culture and fishery for food security and livelihoods in mid hill lakes of Pokhara Valley, Nepal: Post community based management adoption.
    Suresh Kumar Wagle, Tek Bahadur Gurung, Jay Dev Bista and Ash Kumar Rai

Research and farming techniques

  • Water hyacinth - a little known role potential in aquatic ecosystems.
    R. N. Mandal, P. C. Das, and P. K. Mukhopadhyay
  • The effects of the application of different concentrations of trichlorfon on the survival and growth of the larvae and fry of Caspian kutum, Rutilus frisii kutum.
    Nasrin Choobkar

Asia-Pacific Marine Finfish Aquaculture Network Magazine

  • Update: Marine finfish research and development at the Research Institute for Mariculture, Gondol, Bali, Indonesia.
    Sih Yang Sim, Ketut Suwirya and Mike Rimmer
  • Marine fish hatchery training for aquaculture technicians from the South Pacific Region, in Krabi CFRDC, Thailand.
    Antoine Teitelbaum
  • Holding salinity during the breeding season effects final oocyte maturation and egg quality in sand bass (Psammoperca waigiensis).
    Pham Quoc Hung, Nguyen Tuong Anh, Nguyen Dinh Mao
  • Rabbitfish Siganus guttatus breeding and larval rearing trial.
    Rachmansyah, Usman, Samuel Lante and Taufik Ahmad

NACA Newsletter

  • 18th NACA Governing Council held in Bali, Indonesia.
  • Strengthening aquatic animal health capacity and biosecurity in ASEAN - final workshop.
  • Aquatic animal pathology master class.
  • Vietnamese extension manual on culture-based fisheries.
  • New project: Culture-based fisheries development in Lao PDR.
  • Guidelines on digital publishing: a practical approach for small organizations with limited resources.
  • Workshop on understanding and applying risk analysis in aquaculture.
  • GISFish: Remote sensing and mapping for aquaculture and inland fisheries.
  • Online encyclopaedia to list 1.8 m known species.
  • DELTA 2007.
  • NACA/FAO partnership working to establish guidelines for certification of farmed fish.
  • Asia-Pacific Aquaculture 2007, 5-8 August 2007, Vietnam.
  • Skretting sponsorship & scholarships for the Marine Finfish Aquaculture Network.
  • The eleventh regular session on genetic resources for food and agriculture.


Publisher: Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia-Pacific

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