Aquaculture Asia Magazine, January-March 2009


  • The food and energy crisis: A taste of things to come.
    Simon Wilkinson

Sustainable aquaculture

  • Peter Edwards writes on rural aquaculture: Myanmar revisited.
  • Harvesting, traditional preservation and marketing of fishes of Chalan Beel, Bangladesh.
    Galib, S.M. and Samad, M.A.
  • Role of community in production and supply of larger, quality fingerlings .
    Radheyshyam, De, H.K. and Saha, G.S.
  • Can rice-fish farming provide food security in Bangladesh?
    Ahmed, N. and Luong-Van, J.
  • Nutritional and food security for rural poor through multi-commodity production from a lake of eastern Uttar Pradesh.
    Singh, S.K.

Research and farming techniques

  • Emerging boost in Sri Lankan reservoir fish production: a case of adoption of past research findings.
    Amarasinghe, U.S., Weerakoon, D.E.M., Athukorala, D.A.
  • Farming the freshwater prawn Macrobrachium malcolmsonii.
  • Breeding and seed production of butter catfish, Ompok pabda (Siluridae) at Kalyani Centre of CIFA, India.
    Chakrabarti, P.P., Chakrabarty, N.M. and Mondal, S.C.

Asia-Pacific Marine Finfish Aquaculture Magazine

  • Use of fish in animal feeds: a fresh perspective.
  • Aquatic animal health.
  • National strategies for aquatic animal health management.
    Mohan, C.V.

NACA Newsletter

  • 9th Technical Advisory Committee meeting and 30th anniversary of FFRC.
  • Training Workshop on the Use of Molecular Genetics in Conservation held at USM, Malaysia.
  • Japan International Award for NACA Staff.
  • Consortium ion freshwater finfish genetics and breeding.
  • Shrimp Farming eNews.
  • Seventh Meeting of the Asia Regional Advisory Group on Aquatic Animal Health.
  • Sri Lankans learn pisciculture at CIFA.
  • India's Central Institute for Freshwater Aquaculture observes 33rd Foundation Day.


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