Aquaculture Asia Magazine, January-March 2011


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    Simon Wilkinson

Sustainable aquaculture

  • Peter Edwards writes on rural aquaculture: Recent developments and future prospects of inland aquaculture in Asia

Research and farming techniques

  • Factors influencing in success of Penaeus vannamei culture
    Palanikumar, P., Velmurugan, S. and Citarasu, T.
  • Freshwater prawn farming in a carbon-nitrogen controlled periphyton-based system: A sustainable approach to increase stagnant pond productivity
    Asaduzzaman, M., Wahab, M.A. and Verdegem, M.C.J.

People in aquaculture

  • Constraints to fish production in community ponds in Orissa, India
    Radheyshyam, Saha, G.S., Barik,, N.K., Eknath, A.E., De, H.K., Safui, L., Adhikari, S. and Chandra, S.
  • Continued confidence in inland fisheries development of a Sri Lankan youth begins to pay off

Aquatic animal health

  • The Asia-Pacific Quarterly Aquatic Animal Disease Report: 12 years and beyond
    LeaƱo, E.M. and Mohan, C.V.

NACA Newsletter

  • Better management practices for catfish aquaculture released.
  • 9th Meeting of the Asia Regional Advisory Group on Aquatic Animal Health.
  • Trialling ocean temperature forecasts for fish farms.
  • Global Conference on Aquaculture 2010: Publications.
  • Capacity of small holder ASEAN aquaculture farmers for competitive and sustainable aquaculture strengthened.


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