In this issue:

  • Exotic trout fisheries resources and potentialities in Uttarakhand
    Deepjyoti Baruah, Kishor Kunal, Ravindra Posti, N.N. Pandey, Jagdamba and H.K. Purohit
  • Scenario of captive production of Clarias magur in India
    S. Ferosekhan, S.N. Sahoo, S.S. Giri and S.K. Sahoo
  • Strategies to reduce feed cost by improving gut health and nutrient utilisation of fish in aquaculture
    G. Sathishkumar, U. Bhavatharaniya, N. Felix, Amit Ranjan, and E. Prabhu
  • Fish pituitary gland collection and supply as a vocation in West Bengal, India
    Subrato Ghosh
  • Coral trout Plectropomus leopardus aquaculture research and fingerling production in Indonesia
    Yasmina Nirmala Asih, Sudewi, Afifah Nasukha and I. Nyoman Adiasmara Giri
  • Smartphone app improving smallholder shrimp farming practices in Bangladesh
  • NACA Newsletter 

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