Aquaculture Asia Magazine, October-December 2004


  • Trade, food safety and traceability
    Simon Wilkinson

Sustainable Aquaculture

  • Captive breeding of vulnerable Indian carp Cirrhinus reba with Ovaprim for conservation of wild populations.
    U.K. Sarkar, R.S. Negi, P.K. Deepak, S.P. Singh, S.M. Srivastava and Dipak Roy
  • Conservation of the Asiatic catfish, Clarias batrachus through artificial propagation, India.
    B.K. Mahapatra
  • Genes and Fish: A perspective on breeding and genetics of walking catfish in Thailand.
    Uthairat Na-Nakorn
  • Peter Edwards writes on rural aquaculture: Decline of wastewater-fed aquaculture in Hanoi.

Research and Farming Techniques

  • Artificial propagation of the indigenous Tor species, empurau T. tambroides and semah T. douronensis, Sarawak, East Malaysia.
    Sena S. De Silva, Brett Ingram, Stephen Sungan, David Tinggi, Geoff Gooley and Sih Yang Sim
  • Research and development on commercial land-based aquaculture of spotted Babylon, Babylonia areolata Link 1807, in Thailand: Pilot grow-out operation.
    Nilnaj Chaitanawisuti, Sirusa Kritsanapuntu and Yutaka Natsukari

Aquatic Animal Health

  • Advice on Aquatic Animal Health Care: Question and answer on shrimp health.
    Pornlerd Chanratchakool

People in Aquaculture

  • Research points to co-management options for poor fisherfolk in Vietnam.
    Michael Akester, Le Vien Chi, Davide Fezzardi and Flavio Corsin
  • Aquaculture development through NGOs.
    M.C. Nandeesha

Asia-Pacific Marine Finfish Aquaculture Network

  • Sustainable, profitable and socially responsible grouper and snapper culture in Komodo.
    Trevor Meyer, Sudaryanto, Peter Mous and Jos Pet
  • First successful hatchery production of Napoleon wrasse at Gondol.
    Bejo Slamet and Jhon H. Hutapea
  • Assessment of the use of coded wire tags (CWT) to trace coral trout Plectropomus leopardus in the live reef food fish trade.
    Mike Rimmer, Sarah Kistle and Geoffrey Muldoon
  • Trade and market trends in the live reef food fish trade.
    Geoffrey Muldoon, Liz Peterson and Brian Johnston


Publisher: Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia-Pacific

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