Aquaculture Asia Magazine, July-September 2009


  • Aquaculture certification authorities: A matter of trust.

Sustainable aquaculture

  • Contrasting community management and revenue sharing practices of culture-based fisheries in Lao PDR.
    Saphakdy, B., Phomsouvanh, A., Davy, B., Nguyen, T.T.T. and De Silva, S.S.
  • Floodplain aquaculture in Begumgonj: New horizon for rural livelihoods in Bangladesh.
    Hossain, M. S.
  • Peter Edwards writes on rural aquaculture: Promoting small-scale inland aquaculture in Papua New Guinea.
  • Group approach to shrimp farming: The key to sustainability.
    Kumaran, M.

Research and farming techniques

  • Native catfish culture - a technology package for fish farmers.
    Haniffa, M. A.
  • An assessment on the influence of salinity in the growth of black clam (Villorita cyprinoides) in cages in Cochin estuary with a special emphasis on the impact of Thennermukkom Salinity Barrier.
    Arun, A. U.

Aquatic animal health

  • EUS in Asia and Africa: Stimulus for regional initiatives!!!
    Mohan, C.V.

Marine Finfish Aquaculture Network

  • Offshore opportunities for artisanal aquaculture.
    Stock, C.
  • Grouper aquaculture in Brazil.
    Sanches, E.G. and Von Seckendorff, R.W.

NACA Newsletter

  • Lao PDR becomes the 18th member of NACA at the 20th GCM.
  • Vietnamese catfish farmers visit Andhra Pradesh, India.
  • Global Conference on Aquaculture 2010.
  • Expert Meeting on the Use and Exchange of Aquatic Genetic Resources.
  • Culture, capture conflicts: sustaining fish production and livelihoods in Indonesian reservoirs.
  • Regional Grouper Hatchery Training Course, 11 - 31 October 2009.
  • Sri Lankan group trained in cage culture in Thailand.
  • First step towards the creation of a network of aquaculture centres in the Americas.


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