Aquaculture Asia Magazine, July-September 2015


  • Changes to the magazine (and website).
    Simon Wilkinson

Sustainable aquaculture

  • Status of alien fish species farming and it's implications for Andhra Pradesh, India.
    B. Laxmappa
  • Bridging the research-extension-farmer-input and market linkage gap in coastal aquaculture through application of ICT.
    M. Kumaran, D. Deboral Vimala and M. Alagappan

Research and farming techniques

  • Bio-remediation of domestic sewage recycled in aquaculture: A Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture model.
    R. N. Mandal, D. N. Chattopadhyay, P.P. Chakrabarti, B. K. Pandey and P. Jayasankar

People in aquaculture

  • Role of family farming in marine and coastal ecosystem management in India.
    J. Stephen Sampath Kumar and C. Judith Betsy

Genetics and biodiversity

  • Conservation of fish genetic resources: An introduction to state fishes of India.
    Vinay T. N., Kapil S. Tanmoy G. and Anutosh P.

NACA Newsletter

  • 26th NACA Governing Council Meeting, Bali, Indonesia.
  • Regional Workshop on the Status of Aqatic Genetic Resources.
  • Developing an environmental monitoring system to strengthen fisheries and aquaculture in the Lower Mekong Basin.
  • Regional workshop documents sustainable intensification practices in aquaculture.
  • Perspectives on culture-based fisheries developments in Asia.
  • SUPERSEAS PhD opportunities.


Publisher: Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia-Pacific

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Aquaculture Asia Magazine

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