Aquaculture Asia Magazine, July-September 2014


  • Labour issues.
    Simon Wilkinson

Sustainable aquaculture

  • Peter Edwards writes on rural aquaculture: Commercial tilapia farming at 'take-off' point in Fiji.

Research and farming techniques

  • Tank based captive breeding and seed production of the pearlspot (Etroplus suratensis).
    Biswas, G., Sundaray, J.K., Ghoshal, T.K., Natarajan, M., Thirunavukkarasu, A.R., Kailasam, M. and Ponniah, A.G.
  • Cage culture of the native cichlid, Etroplus suratensis (pearlspot) in Kerala, India; A laudable initiative towards emergence of small scale cage culture.
    Pramod Kiran R.B., Baiju, A., Krishna Sukumaran, Neetha Susan David, Bijukumar, A. and A.R.T. Arasu

NACA Newsletter

  • Culture-based fisheries exchange visit from Lao to Cambodia.
  • National Fish Day, Cambodia.
  • WAS Adelaide: Special Session on Regional Cooperation for Improved Biosecurity.
  • Inbreeding and disease in tropical shrimp aquaculture: A reappraisal and caution.
  • Shrimp EMS/AHPND Special Session at DAA9.
  • 2nd International Symposium on Aquaculture and Fisheries Education.


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